Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pucker Up: Tart Grocery Tote

This is quickly becoming my favorite tote with a new twist. The big news: the lining contrasts the outside. Meaning you'll see twice as many lemons inside as outside and it's sturdy as can be. A double pocket -- one with gussets and one without -- help reign in the chaos inside (read: even more of your must-haves within reach). Updated, curves create new styling for this roomy tote, plus sleek, flat straps complete the look.

Admit it, it's a delicious collage of all the things that remind you of limoncello, yet all the things a limoncello should not be -- good gosh can you imagine drinking that Italian nectar in this size! Eclectic, folkloric design of my favorite garnish. Complementary hues of marigold, sage, white enhance the sun-kissed-inspired theme. Great for grocery shopping, as a book bag or your bag of tricks for your next road trip. Super-roomy and completely versatile for everyday use.

Measures about 17" x 15" (excluding straps) and sports a contrast pocket band and mirrored lining. 100% cotton, so it's machine-washable. Top-stitched for durability! This bag is made with designer fabric "Juicy" by Micheal Miller and heavy-duty canvas.