Thursday, November 26, 2009

Costume: Pink Revisited

I guess you thought posts about Halloween costumes were done. Nope. Not at all. We love costumes all year long. Plus, I finished this one at the eleventh hour, just in time for Halloween.

It was another pink monster. Same pattern. Some of the same materials. But a few changes and use of an amazingly high-quality sheer for the sleeves. (Got it as a remnant.)

I'm still struggling to effectively hem a circle skirt -- which this almost is. Any hints? It's just so hard to keep it level and not allow it to bunch, pucker, and fold.

PHOTO NOTE: Also, I know these photos are assy. I keep promising myself I'll make an effort to take better pictures. But then I wouldn't have time to sew. So, you know... assy pictures.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Over the Shoulder: Biggest Bag Ever

I keep returning to those bags. Which is silly, because my to-do list is betting longer and I'm not really doing anything at the top of it.

But I have enjoyed giving some bags to some of my friends. And selling some on Etsy, too. This one was practice in hair of the dog, or getting back on the horse, or facing the needle that pierced your pinkie.

Technically it's not the BIGGEST bag I've ever made. (That would be the Anita bag.) But it is awfully big and perfect for hauling towels to swimming lessons or lugging books back to the library, or schlepping diapers to a playdate. Great for many uses.

I did make lots of notes for myself on what to do differently. But I followed very few of my own instructions. Makes me wonder why I even make notes for myself. I did, however, use contrast fabric rather than duck cloth in the side panels. And I was happy with that. Though, I might like a little more contrast.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Over the Shoulder: Versatile Carryall

Gigantic. Everyone needs at least one bag that they can fit everything in. This is it. Simple construction allows you to dump everything from school supplies to overnight needs. I had a few depression-era reproductions that I wanted to tie together for a nice carryall that was sturdy enough to stand up on its own. Perfect accompaniment for a road trip or a shopping spree.

The closure is a length of twill tape and wraps around a large self-covered, shank button.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Costume: Red Cape

My children LOVE costumes. I find that most children love costumes. Not just on Halloween, but every day of the year. Some parents permit it -- I among them -- others suppress it. Sometimes my kids just want a boost of confidence, delivered in no better way than a cape. When I find a remnant of shiny, crazy, flocked, or shimmery fabric, I snatch it up. I know it can become something, even if that something is nothing more than a cape.

Capes are magical in their effortless ability to transform the courage of kids. For this particular cape I rounded off the corners then attached bias tape around 3 sides of it (the short ends and around the curved corners across the bottom). Then I used my ruffler across the non-taped side. I actually varied the tightness of the gather -- making it much tighter through the center section of the cape. This helps it drape more naturally around the shoulders.

It's a shorter cape than I have made in the past. But already loved and in use. (PS -- a great stash basher if you know a toddler with a thing for costumes.)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Day Late and Ridiculous Pose

Well, I know I promised I'd post a picture of the other thing I made for Halloween, on Halloween. Then I saw the picture and thought I looked like the biggest dork (my husband is notorious for taking unflattering pictures of me). I balked and was afraid. But a promise is a promise and I always want to share the fabulousness of this coat. Vintage velvet coat with white silk lining. Truly inspiring. I borrowed from my friend's mother (who is now 79) -- who wore it every year on Halloween for her children and their friends' costume parties.

The gold embroidery on the lapels is very thick and the whole thing is still soft after about 40 years of use.

But what I made was the simple little satin skirt you see poking through the coat. Great pattern and I recommend it. I'll be making a non-Halloween version, soon. The pattern is an easy-to-sew from Simplicity, 4036. It's zippered and has a nice rise, but no waistband. The length is intended to be below or at the knee. But I shortened it quite a bit for the Halloween version. Only because I wanted to show off my spiderweb tights, not because I'm a slut. Believe me, anything but.