Thursday, November 19, 2009

Over the Shoulder: Biggest Bag Ever

I keep returning to those bags. Which is silly, because my to-do list is betting longer and I'm not really doing anything at the top of it.

But I have enjoyed giving some bags to some of my friends. And selling some on Etsy, too. This one was practice in hair of the dog, or getting back on the horse, or facing the needle that pierced your pinkie.

Technically it's not the BIGGEST bag I've ever made. (That would be the Anita bag.) But it is awfully big and perfect for hauling towels to swimming lessons or lugging books back to the library, or schlepping diapers to a playdate. Great for many uses.

I did make lots of notes for myself on what to do differently. But I followed very few of my own instructions. Makes me wonder why I even make notes for myself. I did, however, use contrast fabric rather than duck cloth in the side panels. And I was happy with that. Though, I might like a little more contrast.

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SunnyInspiration said...

OMG! That bag is Gorgeous!