Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Day Late and Ridiculous Pose

Well, I know I promised I'd post a picture of the other thing I made for Halloween, on Halloween. Then I saw the picture and thought I looked like the biggest dork (my husband is notorious for taking unflattering pictures of me). I balked and was afraid. But a promise is a promise and I always want to share the fabulousness of this coat. Vintage velvet coat with white silk lining. Truly inspiring. I borrowed from my friend's mother (who is now 79) -- who wore it every year on Halloween for her children and their friends' costume parties.

The gold embroidery on the lapels is very thick and the whole thing is still soft after about 40 years of use.

But what I made was the simple little satin skirt you see poking through the coat. Great pattern and I recommend it. I'll be making a non-Halloween version, soon. The pattern is an easy-to-sew from Simplicity, 4036. It's zippered and has a nice rise, but no waistband. The length is intended to be below or at the knee. But I shortened it quite a bit for the Halloween version. Only because I wanted to show off my spiderweb tights, not because I'm a slut. Believe me, anything but.


Katlyn said...

Love the outfit =)

African Kelli said...

I am trying to hold back my giggles that you thought you even had to write, "I'm not a slut."