Thursday, November 5, 2009

Costume: Red Cape

My children LOVE costumes. I find that most children love costumes. Not just on Halloween, but every day of the year. Some parents permit it -- I among them -- others suppress it. Sometimes my kids just want a boost of confidence, delivered in no better way than a cape. When I find a remnant of shiny, crazy, flocked, or shimmery fabric, I snatch it up. I know it can become something, even if that something is nothing more than a cape.

Capes are magical in their effortless ability to transform the courage of kids. For this particular cape I rounded off the corners then attached bias tape around 3 sides of it (the short ends and around the curved corners across the bottom). Then I used my ruffler across the non-taped side. I actually varied the tightness of the gather -- making it much tighter through the center section of the cape. This helps it drape more naturally around the shoulders.

It's a shorter cape than I have made in the past. But already loved and in use. (PS -- a great stash basher if you know a toddler with a thing for costumes.)

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