Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Tote Style for Sports Equipment

Attention swim team fans! This bag is perfect for toting all your goggles, suits, towels, lunch, blankets, even dry clothes and shoes.

Inside you can fit about 4 beach towels! On the outside you can tuck suits, goggles, mobiles, and small stuff in its 3 flap pockets. It also has two sidecar straps for your wet towels. after practice (keeping them away from your dry stuff).

Or, you could use it for a yoga class. Take along all that you need to get ready for work and still enjoy a hard workout. Seriously, it can carry just about anything. This style is currently in the shop, and you can custom order it to your liking. Request that it be wider, have interior pockets, or another 3 pockets on the other side. I can also put the sidecar straps on the bottom rather than the side. It's all up to you! (Prices vary depending on materials and customizations.)