Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kids: Tooth Fairy Pillow

Well, I've been noodling the idea of a tooth fairy pillow for the shop for a while. I've tried big pockets and small pockets and everything in between. But finally I think I've found something I like. With these particular personalized pillows, there'll be no question in the Tooth Fairy's mind just who's tooth she's whisking away.

Bigger pocket to accommodate a letter to (or from) the tooth fairy and then whatever you happen to put the tooth in. What does one put a tooth in? Sandwich bag? Ewwwww. Anyway, each keepsake pillow is handmade with care, of course. Embroidered fabric pillow holds a child's tooth in the pocket while waiting for the Fairy's special delivery.

I hand embroidered this child's name on the pocket and also added the fairy (which loosely resembles the actual child) for displaying as a decorative pillow. This one is 12" square. And the back is an envelope back, completely removable and somewhat washable.

I'm not sure what I'll do for boy pillows. Requests? Ideas?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Over the Shoulder: New York State of Mind

I recently took a trip to New York City. Aside from the glitz and glamour of it, I reveled in the basic functionality of the Garment District. Everywhere I looked there was something to inspire a project. An entire warehouse of zippers! Buyers, Sellers, Project Runway fans! The district had it all.

I stopped in at Mood. That was excellent. Though, I probably never EVER need to go back. Big fabric stores across the U.S. compete, I assure you. But I did see Swatch and even gave him a little scratch behind the ears. I dawdled in the knits aisle and purchased two -- project to debut when I'm not so crazy busy. And I went wild at a small boutique where it seemed everything cost $20.

Where I found my real creative inspirations, however, were the holiday marts. We hit to major ones -- one in Grand Central Station and the other in Union Square. Among the fur lined hunting caps, knitted animal novelty hats, and to-die-for original jewelry there were lots of handbag - tote bag - messenger bag artists. The other thing I felt compelled to do each night once we were back at the apartment is sketch out little ideas I would have on the perfect bag to carry on the subway. Really, nothing I owned could have been right that week. Nothing had the right size handle to wear it cross body, nor the right exterior pockets. And nothing, I repeat nothing, was big enough. You become a bag lady when you go to the city. Too much to carry with you to know have one enormous bag.

Upon returning I started sewing immediately. The reason was two-fold. I had orders up the wazoo and I had ideas spilling out of my brain. From one of those ideas, came this.

I predict this style or something like it will be big for Spring 2011! My cross body bag in canvas hits all the trends right now. Carrying your satchel across your body is still a chic alternative to the everyday hobo and it seemed to me that tons of people in NYC loved being hands free (I for one). It’s a very modern look and perfect for moms as well as teenagers. Incredibly versatile and appealing to women of all ages. Right?

In canvas you get twice the trend points. Everyone loves a casual and light bag for Spring -- or so I'm told. This is it. With warmer weather around the corner, fabrics that feel lighter and come in lighter tones are a must. (Have you seen the eye-popping colors at Michael Kors?!?!?) Canvas feels easy but always looks chic and this version is a favorite, classic but preppy.

This bold pattern of this quality print makes a huge statement. It's from IKEA of all places and I fancy cut the panels to showcase the elements that I love the most. I think it adds major style to anyone’s wardrobe to carry around both a caged bird and a squirrel with a cheese shaver. Paired with jeans and a simple tee you’ll feel chic and casual without being slouchy.

The adjustable strap allows you to wear this number over the shoulder, as well. The magnetic closure and interior divider permit security. Completely machine washable in 100 % cotton. The innovative exterior pocket design zips for easy access to items you still want protected. Take another look at that exterior pocket. It's cool, right!??!?!!

Approx dimensions: 2”x 12” x 16” (excluding strap)

These are in the shop right now as a custom order only item.