Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hospitality Bag, a.k.a. Wine Tote

Thou shall not show up empty handed.
We've been invited to a friend's house for Thanksgiving dinner. We have a food assignment, but I wanted to show the hostess how much we appreciated the hospitality. So, this little wine tote was born.
Officially it's a cluster. Seriously, I was trying to dream up the pattern and sew it at the same time. Bad, bad, bad idea. It has WAY to much interfacing in it. It actually crinkles, and it is pictured standing it up by itself.
But for a wine tote, all in all a fair effort (finished it in less than 2 hours. I carries two wine bottles -- the BIG ones -- and could probably carry about $100 worth of groceries.
Also, pineapples are a sign of hospitality. But wouldn't this be cuter as a festive marg mix bag?!?

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