Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wool Felt Mini-Tote

I've been experimenting with some bags. I've made four bags in about 2 days. Plus a couple clutches before Christmas. Here's a picture of the wool felt mini-tote (I personally think it is the perfect size for a working gals lunch bag) and the clutch.

I also had to make another yoga tote. I wanted one for myself. I really splurged on this one and use timtex in the base and fusible fleece on the rest. So, it's sturdy and pretty. I can't wait to use it tomorrow at my yoga class. I've already slipped a few business cards in the pocket because I think I'll get at least one question about it. (I can hope, anyway.)

PS -- The next market is scheduled for April 4. If you want an invitation (to sell or to attend) drop me a line.

PSS -- The very best news of all is that I ended up winning (I use this term loosely) the Finny and Donk sew along. This has been a very fun experience. I encourage all you sewing folks to check them out and follow along in 2009.

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Beth said...

Love the clutch! I made a skirt out of the same fabric..