Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Custom Order: Double Yogi Tote

If one is good... two is certainly better. The perfect solution for the double-fisting yogis in your life.

PS -- also accommodates most 5 mm mats.


Claudia said...

Love that fabric!

African Kelli said...

Yep! love love love. The fabric, the design, the idea of two mats.

Julie K said...

Oh Hooli, you are a treasure.

Tonight we went to see baby Brooklyn and sing her Happy Birthday and eat birthday cake (mom's homemade brownies). I looked at Pie and said "Do you wanna split one?" and he said nope and then I was sad. That is the answer to your question. I never get to eat regular food again. (At least until Sunday)

I'm so glad you came over to visit this afternoon. Mason tried and tried to get us to shut up but we wouldn't/couldn't.