Friday, September 3, 2010

To Carry Your Summer Reading

A library tote bag is a must-have, and this tote is the must-have of all. It's a great travel favorite, because you can take it all with you (and stay organized). Roomy interior pockets and another pocket outside pocket let you slip your favorite novel and a pair of sunglasses in with all your essentials. A sturdy base provides stability. Larger than your average tote, this one a slightly dropped yoke. The slight dip at the arm gives you comfort as you sling it over the shoulder. Measures about 17" x 15" (excluding straps) and sports a contrast pocket band and contrast lining and pockets. 100% cotton, so it's machine-washable. Top-stitched for durability!

1 comment:

African Kelli said...

I have some of that fabric to make a tote today! NO JOKE.
Also? You are lovely.