Thursday, August 18, 2011

Deluxe Yoga Duffel Bag

This Deluxe Yoga Duffel Bag has room to spare: it will hold your yoga mat, blanket, two blocks, straps and perhaps a bit more without complaint!. It even comes equipped with 3 outside pockets. It's a universal tote bag that could be used for yoga, pilates, swim team, or any sport.

Easily holds any size yoga mat, a few pair of shoes, gym clothes, clean clothes, and all your small valuable stuff. I tested it to hold 6 shoes boxes!

The outer shell is made from quilted cotton. Shoulder strap is removable and adjustable to two lengths. This totes measures about 30" long, 11" high, and 12" deep. (excluding handles) Handles are quilted, as well.

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