Thursday, March 20, 2008

Because of Lady Bird

The spring installment of the Four Seasons Quilt Swap is finished!
I'm on a strict stash diet, so everything in this quilt was found from remains of other quilts or purchases for "that perfect project" that never happened. I can't discuss the particulars of why I chose these colors or the inspiration. But I will say that I wanted to leave my swap partner with a little bit of mile high spring. This pattern is created and published by a Colorado native.


Beth said...

It's beautiful!! Love the appliques label!

Ack! I haven't even begun...

smiledarlin said...

I am blown away!! You did a WONDERFUL job on my quilt and I LOVE IT!!!
You honor my Texas roots and my FAV woman- Lady Bird!!
Your work is just beautiful-
Remember: God is the ONLY perfect quilter- the rest of us just practice.
I am so happy that my 1st quilt as part of this challenge is so stunning and personal.
You have made me very happy- in the saddest time of my year...
Thank You is not enough!
Angels on your body!

hooli said...

My goodness ladies, you make me blush. And... I guess that means I'm in for Summer. Oh the stress of it!

smiledarlin said...

I took your quilt to the Lancaster, PA. Quilt Show, my quilt friends meet there and have Show & Tell. I didn't have anything to take of my own, since most everything I make is either given away as charity or sold- SO I took your quilt and they LOVED IT!
Most of them know of the swap and were just thrilled with your quilt.

Ya did good!
Thanks again. I also collect Angels
and loved the one you sent!