Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Breadie Is Born

Well, it turns out I've become a bit of a breadie. I made bread, again, today -- 4 loaves. My favorite moment of the baking process was NOT when I pulled the sweet smelling loaves out of the oven but rather when I pulled out my KitchenAid to get started and found toys in the bowl!

My whole weekend was filled with fun homemaking-ish type stuff I kicked it off with a "Get Your Craft On" party at my house. Over bagels I introduced a couple of friends to embroidery. I loved having fun girls around me and crafting at the same time. I was worried that everyone would think, "Oh great! Embroidery... too pioneer-ish." And to a degree I think that might have been the sentiment going into it.

But I got an e-mail today with a picture of one of the gals' first completed project. So cute!

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Sara said...

Hey, I'm Rachels sister, Sara, and I love looking in on your blog to see what cute things you're up to. I think I'm going to try making that bread...I love the smell that fills the home, mmmmmm:)