Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nap Time Tote

Were you wondering where I was? If I was creating something new? Well, it's true... I kinda fell off the creative planet there for a bit. We had some home renovation going on and I read two phenomenal books... so all my time was usurped. But, I did do a little sewing here and there. I mended some pillowcases and some pants... you know, that kinds of sewing.

Finally I got my act together and whipped this up for a friend with a new baby -- her first boy after three girls! It's the Superhero Nap Time Tote for power naps. It's a little blanket that can zip up the middle to create a tote (with two large pockets) with handles. In this way mom can pack it up with a diaper, a lovey, maybe a bottle and run to church, her moms' group, even daycare. When baby gets sleepy, or wants to play on the floor... just unzip the tote and voila, instant blankie.

It's also great for big kids, too. They can pack it with comic books, coloring books, crayons and take it along for long road trips. Once at the destination, it unzips to provide a little piece of home on the road.

I made this once before for my nephew. That time I made it with fleece and pre-quilted fabric. I like both versions. The prequilted one was a bit stiffer and was a bit more suited to being a functional tote. This one is much softer (as it is for a newborn) and is a bit more suited to being a blanket. I'm looking for the perfect medium and haven't found it, yet.

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