Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spring Quilt Exchange: It's Here

OK... Just as I was starting to feel like my spring was getting ruined -- first lots of torrential rain, now everyone in the house is sick -- this little darling showed up. I was so excited I opened it at the mailbox (which is about a block from my actual house). When I saw just the edge of it I knew which one it was -- as I'd been lurking the flikr group like a hawk -- and gave a little yelp of joy.
It's got raw edge aplique and tons of quilting. A really fantastic piece. The embellishments are the perfect proportion and the colors are so cheery. I could not be happier. Well, maybe if it was like King size I might be happier. It's so bright and marries modern with vintage.
Perhaps my favorite feature is the label. The artist used baby necklace beads. So stinking original. I love them.
I hung it in the entry to our kitchen where all the world -- at least the part of the world that comes to my home -- can see it. As soon as I did my 3yol said, "I like it. It's really cool!"
So, cheers to the artist, Nikki, who I know worked very hard on this little thing. It was a challenge for her as she has little kids, too. I know only too well the stress of that. Thank you!

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Supermom said...

upload your pic of the label to's fantastic!