Friday, July 24, 2009

Desert Rose Scraps, Two Thank You Totes

One of the best parts about sewing for other people is you often get to keep the scraps. This is also one of the worst parts about sewing for other people because you amass a quantity of fabric you might normally not choose for yourself -- and it is the scraps after all. This problem also leads to another problem, one my husband kindly refers to as pack-rat. I won't mention what he unkindly calls it.
One project in particular required a lot of strategic cutting to capture the very best scenes, and that left a lot of little pieces of fabric. I took those less than savory scenes and scrapped together a tote. Plus, I needed a thank you gift, for a special family who used to live in these parts. I thought they might like a thank you tote instead, with a little hint of the home they must miss.
I made two totes, in the end -- a mother and daughter set. They are pretty small, as the pieces of fabrics were really small.
There are just a few more scraps of this cowboy print -- mostly featuring a cow with a rope around its neck and its tongue hanging out. I'm considering making a checkbook cover out of it, as that's how I feel every time a little more money leaves my possession.

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SunnyInspiration said...

Beautiful totes. That second one, especially! :) And, I love that those two beautiful creations came from scraps!