Thursday, July 30, 2009

Prototype With Guts

OK, I figured it out. Remember the ditty bag with sloppy insides? I couldn't stand it. And it truly didn't want to scrap it because it was cute (until you opened it) and I liked the size and I didn't want to pull that zipper out.

So, here's the tip... I just made a second one but without the zipper. Then I laid it inside, matched up the seams and sewed it in place along my original stitch line. Voila. There might be an easier way to do it, but that was pretty easy if you ask me.

Because this has two linings (one ugly, the other not) it's pretty sturdy and has no interfacing. But I can see how this bag would work best with a bit of interfacing -- not what I would normally recommend as I am cheap.

PS -- Before I sewed it all together I pressed the edges that would be against the zipper down (1/2 inch).


Katlyn said...

Very fun! I want to make one!

African Kelli said...

See how good you are?