Saturday, August 1, 2009

Strippers are Good

I've had strippers on the brain lately after a funny misunderstanding during Donk's Denver Adventure. She wanted to go toFancy Tiger, but I thought that the place she meant to see was called Paper Tiger and insisted that she "check it out." Turns out Paper Tiger is a local "private entertainment" club. Yeah. I was proud of that moment. So I thought I'd find a way to put a stripper to good use.

Strippers -- as in the strips of border left over on a fabric panel. This particular panel was a set of 6 hankies and included a fancy floral border on either selvage edge. Once stripped of its hankies the little border needed a good home. So, I sewed them on a length of huck towel. (I love huck because it's not linty and it's perfect for drying hands and dishes. Also it's not as stiff as flour sack toweling)

I didn't put a big finished seam on the non-selvage edges, but did a rolled-hem with my serger and used contrasting thread so that it would be decorative. I like 'em.

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Katlyn said...

Your projects make me want to get back to sewing!