Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Birdie Told Me

Despite the stacks of fresh fabrics lined up in my sewing room, I've been turning to the scrap heap lately. Here's another small project that can be put together from scraps. I found it in a Better Homes & Garden magazine I was suckered into buying from JoAnn's Fabrics. It was called a "Shopper Hopper". I don't know what that means, but I think it looks a little like those small badge lanyards you get at trade shows. Or rather you used to get at trade shows back when companies...
a) had enough money to have a booth at trade shows
b) had enough money to send employees to trade shows
c) had enough money to buy schwag for trade show goers

Those were the days.

The scraps are left-over blocks from a quilt I pieced together for one of my many amazing nieces.

New to this pattern are the silk flowers I sewed to the bird/tree print after it was complete. It just needed something. I'm not sure I like the patterns technique for closing up the sides. But it worked out just fine. The handle is long enough, I could sling it over my shoulder and to one hip if I liked.

I used a button -- recycled from my favorite capris that I wore when I was pregnant (from Anthropologie) -- and a hair elastic for the closure.


SunnyInspiration said...

Super cute bag. I just love handbags and am so into pinks and browns together. Beautiful job!

Katlyn said...

That is some of my favorite fabric.

African Kelli said...

Oh I just love that! So pretty.