Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Leftovers Must Go Somewhere

There are two thing I really like to do. Read and Sew. After I read A Woman in Berlin my previous way of thinking was shattered and I became someone absolutely obsessed with the people who must live in the cities and countries torn by war. I rexamined who I thought was the enemy and decided I was wrong. Then I read Three Cups of Tea. I realized we can all do something and it will mean something to someone.

While I always believe in doing good things locally first, I ran across an opportunity to serve that I thought I would share. You know, if you're of the mind and you have the time. Read about it here and do what you feel like doing. No pressure. But don't kid yourself, you can't possibly use all that crap in your stash.

Also, if you're going to read a book about war, I recommend A Woman in Berlin or Reluctant Fundamentalist over Three Cups of Tea.

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SunnyInspiration said...

I read A Woman in Berlin a while ago--need a refresher. And, I read 3 Cups of Tea too. Although not well-written, the story itself is one that should be told.