Thursday, August 13, 2009

Polka Pouch

I heart these miniature pouches. I have zero need for them, but I made them from scraps so who cares! The larger one is about 6"x8" and the smaller one is only about 4"x6".

Both are part of the Simplicity 9949 pattern that I have been abusing this past week. Seriously, might have made upwards of 20 items at this point. One has bias trim for the flange and the other has twill tape. I've never used twill tape for a flange, but I like the results and will do that, again. You should, too.

The linings are simple, as I'm trying to make them up as I go. So, no pockets or fancy dividers. Just simple pouches with a zipper top. This is a simple project that requires very little fabric and a cheap zipper. Do it.


SunnyInspiration said...

Those are totally cute bags!

African Kelli said...

i want you to show me how you get your top closing zippers like these so perfect!