Sunday, July 26, 2009

Amy Butler Business Card Wallet Pattern, A Review

I just tried my hand at the Amy Butler Business Card Wallet Pattern. This is a free pattern which you can download from her site. I don't like it. You can try it, but I'm just saying, not very cool and the results are less than awesome. I'm always looking for awesome, as you know.

I found it to be fidgety, too small, and unnecessarily complicated. I also found the pocket design was lame and will probably result in cards falling out. It also adds a lot of bulk to the middle of the wallet where it folds. I did skip the step that instructs using a copious amount of interfacing for such a small little wallet. Maybe that's why I hate it.

But when I started to see where the pattern was going, I didn't want to waste precious timtex or interfacing on it -- that stuff is so unnecessarily expensive, as you know.

If you have a bunch of small scraps and you're looking for something small to make, you might as well try this. But for that size of project I actually recommend the Lotta Jansdotter checkbook cover or tool roll, or the Joelle Hoverson bird ornament. Those are little and cute and fairly easy. Good luck.

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Lynnie said...

I made this 'card holder' too, but made a few changes. I actually turned the pockets around so when you open it the cards do not fall out. As well.. I just used some old jean that I cut up for the outside, and some great amy butler fabrics etc for the pockets (which had a stabilizer ironed onto each piece) and sewed this together with seams on outside and rough edges.. that is in these days anyway. Try it again.. and maybe incorporate these changes. It makes the wallet a bit bigger and more useful as not to loose your cards when you open.