Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Over the Shoulder: Little Quilted Bag, Amy Butler with Modifications

I salivate every time I see an Amy Butler fabric. Even when I'm feeling like breaking up with her fabrics, I'm drawn to them. It's like that bad boyfriend you know you shouldn't talk to anymore, but you do. So... When I needed a gift for the babysitter I decided to turn to my stash of Amy Butler fabrics and a pattern in In Stitches -- her best pattern book for adults.

I've always wanted to try the quilted bag, but knew the size was a little awkward. I also knew the process of pieces a quilted bag was not interesting to me -- time sucker. But then I decided to make it without piecing. This wasn't pretty easy to do. But I struggled with the corners and I strayed from the pattern to make a lining.

Here's how it turned out. Hopefully the Vera Bradley fan who is our babysitter will be satisfied with it.

I think next time I'll use piping around the side panels. It would help stiffen the edges.


Beth said...

I have this book and never think about pulling it off the shelf. Thanks for the reminder!

Glenda said...

Cool...the fabric pattern usage was super. Having the trees figure horizontally around this type of bag was perfect.