Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Seasonally Appropriate: Christmas Stockings

I just finished a custom order for Christmas stockings. They'll be heading to Texas tomorrow. But I think I'm going to miss them. This unique project required that I use existing needlepoint stockings -- much like you might buy from Land's End or Horchow. They were rather small, so I needed to extend them while still making the needlepoint look like a natural part of the stockings. Or rather, make the addition look like part of the original stocking.

I also knew the client wanted to class up her stockings. Needlepoint stockings are classic, but I knew she wanted something with pow. Hope these are what she had in mind...

Notable notions:
vintage buckle
interior design trim that was priced $8/yard. (that's much more expensive, higher-quality than I am accustomed working with)
handmade button "believe"
stretch velvet -- to accommodate big stocking stuffers
microfiber suede, leather look

1 comment:

Cab said...

These are beautiful & I love the sentimental part of keeping the old, but updating with a fantastic new look! Nice work my friend. xo