Sunday, December 13, 2009

Custom Order: Ambiguous Superhero

It feels like Santa's workshop around here. I'm putting the finishing touches on quite a few gifts for my own family and friends. And I've had a few orders. One in particular was fun for me because I have boys... and it is for a smart little boy. The request -- a superhero cape, not any one in particular, but in his favorite color: blue. Now that, I can do.

It's reversible and has a simple tie at the neck. The gathering is pretty tight to allow a full wingspan effect. It's just longer than fingertip length. Could double as a magician's cape.

I predict the superhero this cape will adorn will wear it 13 years from now as he is crowned Mr. Skyline. (Inside joke for those of us that graduated from Skyline High School.)

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Glenda said...

Coop's a model!!!!