Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm trying a production seamstress gig!

I'm sewing for http://cutiepetutieoriginals.com/.

Actually the mom who owns this business is amazing, and I was honored to start stitching on her team. If you're looking for a good baby gift, these can't be beat. Honestly -- from a seamstress perspective -- excellent quality materials, experienced seamstresses (who are also moms), clean studios, and great prices.

I'm just going to recommend that you buy two of everything, because your kids will want one in their hands at all times -- even when one is in the wash. My kids can't leave them alone.


Claudia said...

I'm loving that Jocelyn pattern! Very cool!

coco_angel said...

You're sewing for her now? That's awesome! Can you get me a discount? ;-)