Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Over the Shoulder: Campus Carryall for Tweens

There comes a time when you've worked with a fabric in so many ways and so many times that you know exactly how to cut it, how to lay a pattern to it, how to use it. I think I'm there with my Laurie Smith stash. It's at the tail end. Honestly, not sure it has another piece in it. So it was the natural go-to material for a recent pair of totes I was making.

The annual making and distributing of the babysitters' gifts. Last year I went with something you could put a loaf of bread in, and not much else. This year I took inspiration from the styles I was seeing in NYC and whipped these up. There are mismatched fabrics because I don't have much left. But I love the effect, and I knew I would because I have loved everything I've made with these fabrics. Perfect weight, great prints, nice quality. I'm sad they are almost gone.

These are gifts, but a custom version is going in the shop. So if you want one, go order one in the colors you like.

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