Sunday, June 22, 2008


I'm not actually going to post a tutorial on how to make a tote. But I just had a lot of fun making totes with some friends. We all had different machines, so it was fun watching and learning how the various models worked. We all had different ideas and fabrics and it was amazing to see what everyone did. I forgot to take a photo with all three in the picture. But here's mine.

It already has a home... a Thank You Tote for one of the summer babysitters who has done a great job with my kiddies.

PS -- That duck cloth is navy blue (even though it looks black in the picture) and the yellow fabric is a scrap from some drapes I made for the office. The lining is made from a scrap of "skin" also from the drape project. It was a cool lining because it was kinda rubbery.

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