Monday, July 7, 2008

Some Vintage Inspiration

My grandparents have a cabin in the woods of Island Park, Idaho. It's remote by my standards and is dreamy. I had a sewing deadline to fulfill while I was on family vacation, so I was able to sit on the front porch of the cabin and sew. Simply great! As I looked around the cabin -- which has been their's for about 40 years -- I found many little vintage items that inspired me for future projects. (I'll be posting these little treasures all week, so check back.)

1. The quaint canisters that have been in this cabin for as long as I can remember. I heart birds.

2. The plates we use when we're there. According to my grandmother, she purchased them with S&H green tickets or something.

3. Milk Glass. All over the place and perfect. Oh yummy. I'll post a few pictures over the next couple of days. Even the light fixtures up there feature it. It's wonderful, and precious.

5. The doll. This doll is so cute. Just flip it over to find a new girl under the skirts. I love it. I especially love the green plaid. It's great and I suspect it was used for something really cool before it became the scraps used for the doll's dress. Bottom's up!

PS -- I also learned while I was on vacation that I had been picked as a winner in the Finny and Donk's Sew Along. I was so flattered. So, go check out my winning skirt! (My prize arrived today -- an Amy Butler pattern for a tunic/dress/cami!!!)

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lera said...

What cool vintage treasures! I think those plates look familiar ... maybe my grandparents??

Congratulations on your prize-winning skirt! Woo-hoo!