Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Magic Poncho Becomes Magic Swim Cover Up

Lightening does not strike twice. Specifically the creativity bolt. Last month's assignment in the Finny and Donk Sew Along brought me a prize (a yummy Amy Butler pattern for a cami/tunic/dress thingy). This month's assignment was meant to be from the child gifts chapter of Hoverson's book. I loved the magic poncho. But we live in an arid climate and I couldn't really see us ever using a poncho. Soooo, I reworked it to be a swim cover up and made it out of a beach towel.


Katlyn said...

You have to show me how to do this!!! I want to make a few gifts!!!!! Here's my thought - maybe sometime you can come over, we can embroider kiddos names on towels and then make them into beach cover ups!!

Claudia said...

I love it, and Coop makes a GREAT model!