Friday, July 25, 2008

Making It Up: McCall's 5591

Well, it took me three months (or more) to finish this skirt. I'm not sure I love the end result but there are reasons for that:

1. I fell in love with a chambray skirt in the JCREW catalog and tried to replicate. Well, we all know that knock-offs still feel like knock-offs -- even when perfectly executed.

2. Whenever I think things like, "...sometimes a pattern makes things more simple..." I am setting myself up for disaster.

3. Patterns hate me. I've said it before, and I'll say it, again. My body must be an absolute anomaly of science because patterns always have to be altered, drastically to make them fit. In the case of this pattern I literally just started chopping new pieces of fabric and sewing them on willy-nilly to make a waistband that wasn't 4 inches short of reaching around my middle.

If you have a normal body, you might want to try this pattern. It is McCall's M5591. It was challenging, but not impossible. Mostly just fidgety. I had to do a lot of tucking, pleating, ironing. Oh, and there's a zipper. But, I didn't think the zipper was nearly as hard as the waistband itself. I did stray from the pattern for the waistband. The pockets were a cinch (I'd heard pockets can be a bear). I didn't mess with the belt loops and sash, but that's just not my style. It only takes about 2 yards of fabric and a zipper... so possible to make it from stash fabric.

PS -- When I showed it to my husband he said, "It's (insert awkward hesitation) modest."


lera said...

Oh, you are too funny "My body must be an absolute anomaly of science" LOl!!!!

It's very cute. It seems like a lot of work went into that skirt. I don't know if I would have patience for that. :-)

Alissa Nicolau said...

Hi! Just found your blog and I would totally wear that skirt! Modest says your husband. I suppose it is but more than being "modest", it is cute and oh so totally wearable! I'd try the pattern but my sewing machine frightens me if I attempt more than frontwards & back.