Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sew Along: Wrap Skirt

I've been plunking along trying to sew along with a group I found online, the Finny & Donk's Sew Along, and the recent assignment was a skirt. The book that we are following along in is Simple Gifts to Stitch and this project had me rethinking the title. I think there is a misnomer out there that if you don't have a pattern and you make something, that it's simple. But the truth of the matter is that sometimes a pattern makes things more simple. That being said, patterns hate me.

I needed another skirt like ... well, like I need another pair of shoes. But at least I wear shoes. I never wear skirts. I LOVE them and I COVET them and I always cave in and MAKE them and BUY them as if I'm never going to see another skirt again. But truthfully I have no business owning a single one. But, I made it anyway thinking that I might just throw it on over the swimsuit -- thus hiding my super white, almost blue they are so white, thighs when I have to take my kids to the pool this summer.
Turns out, I kinda like it and I might wear it other places than the pool. That is, if I ever wear a skirt.
Now, let's see... I have some opinions about sewing this skirt that might impart some level of helpfullness to you if you try to make this skirt.

1. I messed this thing up from the beginning so I didn't follow the book that closely. This book is not easy to follow and I have really fumbled through all the patterns that I've tried thus far. So if you're looking for a new skirt, you should just go find a great pattern and sew it. If you're looking to try another project in this book -- either as part of the sew along or because you've already invested in the book -- keep reading.

2. Go read Finny's suggestions on ribbon. I loved her idea, but I didn't try it. The waistband I selected was actually a drapery tape (for roman shades) and wouldn't iron a crease without melting. But, it is really durable and if I ever need to fashion a tourniquet with it, I'm set.

3. I made mine a full two inches longer than the pattern and I'm pleased with the length (I'm 5'8"-ish). One thing I thought of afterward is that perhaps I should have lengthened the darts (because I am a longer person).

4. I heeded Finny's notes that the skirt itself can feel a little high-waisted. I loathe a really high waist so I folded my waistband in half. This helped a little, but it's still a pretty tall feeling skirt.

5. The no. 1 change I would make if I made this again is that I would make two skirts and then sew the two skirts into the waistband together (wrong sides together) to make it lined/reversible.

6. If you don't have ribbon, don't worry. I personally think that the waistband could be made from fabric. Much the same way the band for Amy Butler's pleated apron is made.

OK... That's just about it for suggestions/thoughts. Oh, and one other thing. This only takes about an hour to sew.


lera said...

It's VERY lovely. And it looks beautiful on you. I think you should wear it all the time. Seriously.

Katlyn said...

Okay I am totally envious of your amazing crafting and sewing ability!!! I am also totally envious of your figure. So I guess today is be jealous of you day! The project turned out great.

Claudia said...

Oh, has been about 3 months since I've checked out this site, and I needed a dose of creative appreciation. Well, I've found it here in droves! I love the totes, the aprons, the skirt, and OF COURSE the quilts! And I need to try that bread recipe. I think Adam would worship you then, too. You are my hero. Seriously, is there anything you DON'T do? You truly are a domestic goddess!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

That skirt is awesome!! Great job!

Patterns hate me too. But I agree- no pattern does not mean simple. Really, not having a pattern is more like an invisible, constantly changing, will trick you and every turn, oops you forgot to allow for seam allowances, in my head in made sense pattern.