Monday, February 18, 2008

Fan of the Fan Bag

My favorite bag so far...

This took all of an afternoon. I don't think the instructions in Simple Gifts to Stitch were really complete on this one. The pleat instructions were a bit hard to follow and I ended up just following what I thought I should do. I did use denim thread which I think is a nice touch.

The pattern did not call for a lining. I had to have a lining. So, I tried to make one up. It worked out, it's a little narrow in the very depths of the purse, but all in all it's great. This purse could use a snap closure or something like that. I'm definitely going to make it, again.
I'm on a stash diet, so of course this came from the stacks. It's Laurie Smith, again. (Are you getting sick of her fabrics, yet?) I'm thinking about trying this with a felted sweater. But, not sure... as I've never worked with felted anything. Might also be nice in oilcloth. Would be amazing in velvet -- though if I did it in velvet I would not do any topstitching on the pleats.
If you're in the finny and donk sew along and you're stumped on the pleats, you might want to think of them as french seams. That's what I did, and it got me through the missing spots in the directions.


Glenda said...

This is very cute. Would the pattern lend itself to doing each piece of the fan out of a different fabric? Just wondering.

lera said...

Cute bag and cute fabric.

Again, I like yours better than the book. The pleather in the book really wasn't cutting it for me.

Claudia said...

Wow...I love your stuff!! And no, I'm not sick of the fabric--that's one of the first things that pops out at me--your fantastic tastes in fabric! Seriously, I now want to sew because of all the cool stuff you have made.

dawn said...

That is so cute! I was wondering about the lining and thought it odd that the pattern doesn't include it. Your version looks great!