Monday, February 4, 2008

Quilt: Christmas Nativity Scene

Have you ever loved and hated a quilt/project all at once? Here is a perfect example of love/hate relationship. I love, love, love the composition of this quilt. I designed every last bit of it. The black fabric of the scene is cut a little like a snowflake then satin stitched to the background (solid batik). Then I just cut strips and stitched them together for the border. I love the colors, the size, and even the quilting (just radiating lines from the "star").
I hate, hate, hate the techniques. I was such a beginner when I tackled this quilt. I used really puffy batting and it tufted through the back in a few places. It was also before I got a walking foot, so there are a few places on the back where it puckered and tucked a bit. I also wished I had used a higher quality black fabric. I think something a bit stiffer would have been nice. I also wish I had thrown in a bit more quilting.

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