Friday, February 1, 2008

Button-Down Scarf

So here's the deal. I've been sick and so I can't do a lot. But in my sitting around waiting for the antibiotics to work phase I've been doing a small amount of sewing. Mostly embroidery, but I did manage to finish this scarf. The scarf was a project outlined by the fine organizers of the Finny and Donk Sewing Adventure (a blog I've been lurking for months). If you want to know about it, just visit their site.
My scarf's concept was to have a flirty, wild look (velvet with wings) and a more "buttoned-down" button down scarf. So, tried to make it look like a wool pin-stripe suit. It is wool, but the stripe was created with the quilting.

It's rather comfortable and all the materials were on hand. I strayed from the pattern in a two ways, a) the dimensions and shape of the scarf; b) I added batting inside the scarf to make it extra warm and poofy.
When Coop saw it, he immediately asked for one. May have to find some kid appropriate fleece to make him one, too. All in all, fun project and will probably throw this in the gift stash for later gifting. Pattern found in the Simple Gifts to Stitch book.

PS--It is impossible to take a nice picture of oneself wearing a scarf. It looks all double-chin-ish. Or maybe I have a double chin. O.M.G.

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I was kind of double chinnish in my photo, too! lol