Thursday, February 21, 2008

Project Runway Created a Runaway

It's not my fault that I just bought 4 patterns for clothing. This is unheard of in this household, even with my compulsive shopping habits. Also, not a really great idea given my history. Who's fault is it?

Project Runway.

I'm addicted. There was some kind of marathon running yesterday leading up to the reunion episode. Oh honey, it was on all day. I didn't actually sit in front of the TV drooling. But I left it on and then just carried on with my day while I listened and then would stop in and check up on the story line. Ugh.

If you want my quick opinion on the designers, and even if you don't, here it is:

Chris March: Though he dresses horribly himself he shines when it's a glamour assignment. I don't really think he has anything new to add to the fashion scene, unless it's, "Let's go back to a bygone era and let women look like women."

Christian: OMG. This little boy can sew! I can't believe how fast he is. One minute he's sketching the next he's cutting then voila he has an entire line. But his hair, oh heavens. It's bad. I love his tote that he carries around everywhere. It's ginormous and I want to know where he got it. He's a winner and I agree he has something to say via his clothes. I'm just not sure I want to hear it. He's a little to cross-gendery for me and I shudder to consider all the ruffles on all those white shirts. It's like "shakespeare" in love gone wrong.

Jillian: Oh sweet, neurotic Jillian. Her stuff is truly elegant and I would love to see any of it land in my closet. I think she's single handedly trying to bring back the short flouncy skirt. And by bring back I mean, flouncy-er than ever and shorter than is necessary. I sense a lot of dancer/ballerina in her style. I like it all, but if fashion is headed that way I gotta get some liposuction.

Ramy: Nope. Don't like his stuff. Layers and layers and layers. Can a woman look fatter?!?!? He's talented. But not for me.

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