Sunday, December 30, 2007

Book Review: Simple Gifts to Stitch, Jocelyn Worrall

OK, this one was kinda cute. But for my liking, not polished enough. The projects looked a little too home-made. The baby projects, especially the baby bubble hat on pp 97 was darling, but my babies are just TOO big to be sewing newbie hats. I may, however, return to this book at a later date so that I can make the magic rain poncho featured on pp 105. It was cute and it was a true custom look as you take advantage of iron-on vinyl. Maybe if my brother and Claudia have a baby, and maybe if they still live in the pac-west I'll consider this as a gift. But otherwise, too dry around here to put a poncho to good use. By: Jocelyn Worrall.


Claudia said...

He he...we'll keep you posted!

hooli said...

Hey Claud... looks like you're in luck. This book was just picked to be the project book for an online sewing group I'm going to join. So... the poncho will most likely get made. Now, you just have to do the kid part.