Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rock Star Stylist Apron with Zippered Pocket

I created this hot number for my stylist who complained that her aprons always catch hair in the pockets. That's gross! So, I designed a pocket with a zipper on the bottom. When it gets filled up, she can just unzip, dump out the unwanted, and zip it back up. Used a strange black vinyl that I found in the remnant bin and some fancy trim.
(The hammered brass clasp was from a notions grab bag at the local fabric store!)


Glenda said...

This is amazing...I bet your hair gal will go gaga over this. You could make money on this one.

grandma GiGI said...

Incredible! Whatever you do is fantastic.!

New to Colorado said...

I am a hair stylist and I LOVE this apron...if you only made it in a V neck I would be pleased to buy at least one from you and could probably sell a number of them for you. If you are interested in selling some of these please email me at