Thursday, October 2, 2008

Overlock Project: 2 Aprons

I know what you're thinking... does she even sew anymore. Well, I have been slowing down because I've taken a break to get acquainted with my new Bernina Overlock/Coverstitch Server. (It's wonderful.)

I took a few mastery classes and I've been trying to practice everything we learned in class. Now I'm really starting to understand where I can use it to improve my sewing projects. I just finished two aprons and to attach the ruffle I used an overlock stitch (but no cutting edge). I also put my ruffler foot to use. Those are useful, but I'm still learning how to judge how gathered to make pieces and still work with a pattern.

The fabrics are pretty old, not sure what some of them are. The red is a moda (I think) and I think it's called Little Christmas. I have no idea where the cowboy fabric came from, but it was about $1 a yard (I kept the tag). The Christmas print is an Alexander Henry and it was $1 a yard at Hancock Fabric in Idaho Falls. I'm telling you those small towns clearance fabrics that are absolutely gobbled up around here.

These are headed to an area art market. I've got to sew at least one thing a day to get ready for it. I've never done anything like this -- actually sold anything -- so it will be a learning experience. If nothing else I will bash my stash.

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lera said...

Cute aprons.

I bet you are loving that serger. I never took any classes for mine. I'm sure there's so much to learn.

(I love the Christmas print. I think it's called "Merry Modernica." I made a dress for Spenser from it last Christmas. And I paid more than $1 a yard.)