Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kimono Style PJs: Amy Butler Pattern

Here is one of my favorite fabrics fashioned into baby clothes. This is from a new book by Amy Butler, Amy Butler's Little Stitches. I don't really have babies anymore, but big boys, so I can't really use the patterns for myself. But I thought it would be a nice book to get so that I can make gifts for folks.

The fabric is from JoAnn's and I think it's called Mocha by Alexander Henry. I've used it before for a skirt. And I've seen it as a yoga bag from Lucy apparel. So, going big time, I guess.

The pattern itself was a little wonky and I completely diverted from the path and had to start winging it on one of the closures. But the bias trim is a nice touch. I felt the trim around the bottom of the kimono jacket and the bottom of the pants could have been patterned to look more finished (on the inside). But, it'll do.

This is the 6-9 month size.

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