Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Costume: Purple Haze

I made another one. Did a few things differently. The sheer I used for the sleeves already had an edge, so I didn't need my serger to roll edge the hem of the edges. I did, however, elect to roll edge hem the seams of the sleeve, rather than use the french seam called for in the pattern. I also added a velvet ribbon. It covers up a gather (that I needed to fix these sleeves to accommodate that edging) and I think it adds a wintery touch even if on sheer sleeves.

I used a contrasting fabric for the middle panel. I did this because I realized the dark purple was a little severe for the 3 year old who will be wearing it. It still needs to be hemmed -- but won't do that until she tries it on again.
Speaking of trying it on. The first fitting showed me that I needed a zipper in this one, rather than the hook and eye I used on the pink-pink-pink version. This was a little difficult as I had already sewn the shawl collar on.
Considering the cold weather we've had around here, I'm starting to realize these little girls will be wearing long johns and snow pants under their skirts. Might make for a full skirt without the petticoat. Cute.

Now I will make a veil for this one, too. But I need a brainstorm on that one. The little girl who will wear it has a really cute, short bob. So, a headband might not stay on her head when weighted down by the veil. So, I need to noodle that.
PS -- I promise you the other costume is coming. Be patient.

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