Thursday, September 24, 2009

One a Day

When I first started recording some of my sewing and craft projects on this blog I had a lofty goal. I honestly thought I could complete and write about every craft or sewing project I made. And I thought I could sew something new every day. Mmmwah ha ha hah a. That is hilarious to me, now. I can go a month without making anything other than a presentable school uniform (with a lot of hemming, zipper fixing, and taking in/letting out). But this week, I completed two things (actually three) in one night.
I finished the details on that cute purple dress. I finished the veil. Yes, the veil is done. And I whipped up this cowgirl market tote.

Granted, I was up kinda late. But it just goes to show you can't force creativity. It happens when it happens. I also believe, now more than ever, that when creativity knocks you have to walk through the door and go with it. Even if going with it takes you into the early hours of the morning. When you have an idea, grasp hold and go!

I don't feel tired this morning, even though I got about 4 hours of sleep. I think it's because I was doing something I love. Resetting expectations. Not every day. It's just not going to happen. But maybe once a week?!?!?!?

OK, let's see. What's next?

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African Kelli said...

Love that fabric and your tag!