Thursday, October 1, 2009

Inspired by 50% Off

I had the pleasure of hitting on of my favorite fabric shops this week, in the company of one of my favorite blog authors. We rummaged through trims and piles of sample cuts looking for the bargains we just couldn't leave behind. She found some bright orange duck cloth. Did I mention bright orange. It was insanely happy and cute. Really, orange is cute. And then she found another. Of course I snatched it up and was all the more influenced by the 50% off sticker.

But what to do with orange? I knew there was a tote I needed to make -- a gift bag for a friend's 40th birthday present. So, I started staring down that orange. Guess what? I paired it with some other fabric that I found in the "by the pound" bin and voila,the Two Handle Tote.

This tote does not earn its name from the sassy orange and green ribbons you use to carry it. It can carry two handles of liquor. It was the first pattern I can say I truly noodled over, drew, and then re-measured before cutting away. Usually when I make something up I start whacking at the fabric and fidget with the results at the machine. But this time I planned ahead. Finished it is 6"x9"x13". A perfect martini bar in a bag.

PS -- Happy October with this orange, right?

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SunnyInspiration said...

I love that bag! Bright orange, but very pretty.