Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Late nights and gifting are my signature. About 24 hours before my son's 3rd birthday I decided to sew 4 pillowcases for him. I experimented with quite a few measurements for these. I made wide bands and narrow bands and piping and flanges. Trying to decide what I liked best. I made one of them king size, one queen size, and two at about 28" long -- not sure what size that would classify as.

They are hideous, really. Nothing designer, innovative, or eye-catching. But he likes them, and it gave me lots of practice on my serger. Also, nothing bashes a stash like a few pillowcases. Now, I think I'll make a few of these in holiday fabrics and create a tradition of them. Halloween for the week before Halloween. Christmas for Christmas Eve (to help you dream of sugar plums, of course). Oh, I could have fun with these.

Also I can never resist purchasing novelty fabrics. But when I get them home I don't really like them in quilts or in clothing. So, found something I didn't mind having them on.

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Katlyn said...

That is hilarious because I have the same problem with novelty fabrics but I just bought a few and made Chase pillow cases! Great minds think alike. (Although mine have zippers because B is paranoid and was worried that Chase would suffocate himself inside the thing if it didn't have a zipper)