Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pear Shaped

I didn't set out to make a purse with my silhouette. But that I have. Using just a few scraps of Laurie Smith home dec fabric I created this small pouch. It's harvest gold inside and screaming orange outside.

The closure is a button and hair elastic-band. The handles and edging are self made bias tape. All in all, I think the weight of the fabric helps the shape of the purse -- even if it does resemble my rear end.

PS -- Please don't take note of my freakishly whack-a-do thumb. My heavens, what was I doing?!?!?


Katlyn said...

Are you back in town? Chance and I were thinking about doing a sewing night soon...interested? I think I may want to borrow your quilting frame...lots of crafting thoughts in my head lately.

SunnyInspiration said...

Very cute bag!

Claudia said...

Love it!

African Kelli said...

GREAT fabric choices.Very cute.