Sunday, September 13, 2009

Costume: Pink with Pink and Pink

Have you ever made something and laughed the entire time you were at the sewing machine? The past two projects I've worked on had me giggling with delight. The first is one I'll feature sometimes this week -- so check back -- and the other, this pink monster.

It was a costume request for a 5 year old. Her favorite color is pink, but that wasn't the real inspiration. Her middle name is Rose -- thus the roses in the texture of the fabric (is that considered jacquard or brocade, I never know). Having two little boys myself, I leaped at the opportunity to use things I never get to use on them, pink, ribbons, sparkles, silk flowers.

I followed costume pattern simplicity 5520 (which is a LOT like simplicity 4944) and vogue 7009. I made a few modifications and basically combined A with B and the flowers from E on 7009. Let me first say that this is just a costume, so the level of finish work called for in the pattern is mediocre. The pattern itself does call for a zipper, but I think pulling it over ones head is a bit easier for a 5 year old. Thus I modified the closure to be a simple hook/eye.

I put my serger to work on this project, using a 3-thread rolled hem for the sleeves and veil details. I also used a variegated thread in my serger so there is a bit of a rainbow effect on the rolled hem. I have never done that before. Not sure I would for anything other than a costume, but at least I know it can be done.

This project was the first time I had used the vogue 7009 pattern in conjunction with anything. What a waste of a pattern, if you ask me. Seriously, it's gathered strips of fabric. Don't buy the pattern. Just cut strips of fabric twice as wide as you'd like the petals (about 3 inches) by 5, 7, or 9 inches long. Then gather them and sew them together in concentric circles. SO easy. Please don't waste your money on the pattern -- unless it's on sale for 99 cents and you'll feel more confident using the pattern. It is a fun and useful embellishment and with the right amount of imagination could be modified to be raw edge petals (which I think would be more fashion forward).

My original plan was to make roses for the arm bands but I ran out of all the shimmery pink stuff and it was a remnant so I didn't think I could get more. The arm bands are optional and attach by velcro (thus one sleeve has one and the other does not).

The headband/veil is a simple headband cut on bias with an elastic lenth at the base. Then I sewed the gathered veil (I used my ruffler to make it super tight) between the two sides of the headband. The fabric roses and florists leaves are all wired together and then hand tacked onto the center of the headband. I was winging it with that at 2 a.m., but I like the result. The veil is not from the pattern, I just eyeballed that. It's a bit "bump-it" but I think any little girl will love it.

OK, now I promise I'm going to show you more costumes this month, maybe as early as next week. So, watch out.


SunnyInspiration said...

What a great costume for a little girl!

African Kelli said...

sweet heavens, that is awesome. That is a costume my mom would have had to cut me out of because I'd be princess-ing it around the house for years! Nice work Hooli!