Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't Be Fooled

This may look like an innocently simple tote bag. That's a trick.

Not only was it a pain in the arse to create, it's loaded with pockets and compartments. In case you want to actually bring the kitchen sink.

There are two compartments that are large enough to accommodate a large file folder or small laptop. They both close with heavy-duty magnetic closures. Then the center compartment is gigantic and zips close. You could put two bowling balls in that section -- and zip them safely in. I used a high-quality brass zipper.

All the fabrics are home dec weight. But the exterior is especially heavy and is covered in lime-green flocking. The bottom panels and the interior folder compartments are duck cloth. Basically, you'd have to work really hard to shred this bag. If anyone can do it, though, I can.