Friday, January 1, 2010

Felt Easter Chair Backers

So, I made a few of these -- along with every crafter on God's green Earth -- last Spring. They were promptly snatched up at a Spring show I had. But now, I'm thinking about doing another set and wanted to look back and see what I liked and didn't like.

I think I would prefer -- in my own home -- non-holiday specific bags. Not discreet bags for each holiday. Particularly for Easter, we do baskets. (But these bunnies are adorable -- and might find themselves in another project like a quilt.) I also think I'd prefer to line these with a simple cotton... just to improve the shape of the bag and to add more color.

I also am not sure about the buttons. But, I want to think through how a tie would work. Any suggestions out there? I could use any advice. I'm also wondering about size. This is a pretty big bag, could accomodate a large coloring book, plus crayons/markers/coloring pencils. And I'm not sure I want to encourage that much toy giving at every small holiday. (I'm a scrooge.)

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