Saturday, January 23, 2010

That's How I Roll

You could say I have a compulsive streak. Not so much a disorder, but a tendency to get excited about something and go overboard. Case in point. The knit cardi. I saw one. I made one. And now I've made another one. I can't stop. I have two more in the plans -- and have already purchased the fabric for them. But I'm sticking with tendency, not illness. For now.

This was a great pattern, Simplicity 2603. I want to try it, again (obviously). And I want to try the version with longer tails. I made a modification to the sleeve and to the neck. The fabric I was working with was slinky and actually a bit sheer. So though the pattern called to create ruching with an elastic in the neck, I elected not to do that. It would have shown through the fabric. This fabric drapes just fine without the help of an elastic.

Drapes well. Working with it was a bit troublesome for a person with my limited experience in knits. Slipping all over the place. No sense using an iron. Pins literally fell out of it. But I loved the color and I did like how if felt against the skin. Though I fear it will showcase my bra fat hanger-over bulge in great detail.

I created a 5-inch cuff on the sleeve. I did this to create enough weight to make a nice sleeve that would hang nicely and not roll or bunch -- again, very flimsy material. I used a double needle to fake a cover stitch on the sleeve's hem. But I did go ahead and use my serger for all other construction, including a real cover stitch on the hem around the bottom and along the neck.


bryant said...

These knit cardigans are absolutely amazing. Could you come and do a tutorial for me?

Claudia said...

I am a lover of cardigans, and I am completely amazed that there are people out there who are talented enough to make their own!